Assetto Corsa log editing

The log file you need is C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Assetto Corsa\logs\log.txt (or wherever your My Documents folder lives). You have to be quick to grab this file as the game overwrites it.

The log includes a lot of irrelevant information that can be removed before you upload. The first thing to find is the line that signifies the start of the race. This line is simply this - "NAME=Race". Everything before that line can be safely deleted.

The following is a list of relevant lines, everything else can be deleted.

  1. NAME=Race
    Signifies the start of the race session
  2. CAR ID:<number> : <name>
    Car identifier and driver name
  3. Setting my grid position at:<number>
    Your grid position
  4. goToSpawnPosition START
    You are now on the grid waiting for the race to begin
  5. P: <number> : <number> | <number> LT:<number> LC:<number>
    Race position, car id (x2), total lap time, lap count

If your editor program can do search and replace using regular expressions, the following should help.

  1. Delete irrelevant lines (replace with nothing) - ^(?!(P:|NAME|CAR ID|Setting|goTo)).*\n
  2. Find badly formatted lap lines (requires manual editing, max 99 laps) - ^(?!(P: \d+ : \d+ \| \d+ LT:\d+ LC:\d{1,2}$))

Send this file to your friendly administrator to upload.